RWD M1324R Mikrosantrifüj

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Katalog: RWD Microcentrifuge.pdf

Small size

  • One-pipette-width compact design
  • Patented lid hinge design with suspending hovering optionally (max.26cm opening height)


  • High-speed centrifugation guaranteed with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and qualified ultrasonic non-destructive test
  • Safe operation guaranteed with all-time rotor dynamic balancing monitoring system and qualified Schenck dynamic balancing test
  • Standard aerosol-tight rotor to withstand high temperature sterilization and avoid biohazards
  • Personnel safety guaranteed with multiple alarm functions and qualified extreme blasting test

Time Saving

  • Advanced compressor for quick pre-cooling of the centrifuge from room temp. to 4℃ in only 8 minutes
  • Outstanding UI Touch screen design enable one-click pre-cooling mode


  • 12 custom programs enable immediate centrifuge operation in multiple scenarios
  • Parameter locking with one press to avoid accidental operations
  • Magnetic condensed water collection pan to eliminate water accumulation


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